During the workshop we want to create a nice atmosphere for all of us to have a good time. We can only do that if we agree to some basic rules.


Registration and payment
Your participation in the workshop will be definite when your payment is received. If you have registered, but your payment is not received in our bank account 48 hours prior to the commencement of the workshop, your registration expires and I can give your place to someone else.

Workshops and courses will only take place with enough participants. In case a workshop is canceled we will let you know via e-mail 1 day in advance at the latest. Naturally you will be refunded for the total of the paid sum.


At all times BLIBCO Chocolate reserves the right to cancel a Workshop on with valid reason. Participants who have already paid, will get a refund for the paid sum.
If participant cancel their workshop within 7 days before the commencement of the workshop we are forced to charge 20% of the paid sum for costs incurred.
In case of hindrance of one or more participants within 24 hours prior to the commencement of the workshop there will be no restitution of the paid sum.


During the workshop we will work with materials that can stain your clothes or belongings. Take your own responsibility to take care of your personal belongings and wear appropriate clothing. BLIBCO Chocolate will not take responsibility for personal belongings if these are damaged or stained by the used materials.
BLIBCO Chocolate does not accept liability for personal damage or damage of personal goods of participants in the workshop nor any liability as a result of events happening during the workshop.
When a participant causes nuisance during a workshop, then BLIBCO Chocolate has the right to evict this person and refuse participation in following workshops. Also there will be no restitution of any workshop- or course fee.


BLIBCO Chocolate reserves the right to change the content of the workshop. We can also adapt the workshop fee if these additional costs are necessary to allow the workshop to take place. Of course, we will notify the participants of the workshop concerning.